Blender by Projects: [PRO’s Path] Create What Inspired Us!



We all are here only because of one reason “WE ALL ARE INSPIRED BY SAME ELEMENTS AROUND US (Feature films and games)”. So why don’t we learn by creating what inspired us!?! MotiveNever waste you time and The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I care for my students. So I’ve structured this course in such a way that you will experience almost all the feature of a master class, learning by doing, and also the googling way of learning. Most courses do not show you the practical skills and real world examples. This course has been specifically designed with you in mind and I’ve developed a system to allow you to learn just what you need to know, only when you need it.One of the best part of this course is that you won’t waste time in learning tools and functions inside of blender that you will never use.Course Structure:Blender Workshop 10+ blender essentials and must know tutorialsBlender Project: Cinematic-car commercial exterior scene projectCinematics and Story telling [Camera movements, angles, animations, setting up the tempo and beat]Blender VFX mini-project: Forest-Highway racing car VFX projectBlender VFX mega-Project: Zombie vs Cyborg-Cinematic scene VFX projectBlender Assignment: Metro-Thriller crime interior night scene project + Bonus LecturesHow this course is unique from others?This is course is structured in such a way that it promotes procedural way of learning and also quick “How to ” solution based tutorials. I have curated this course in such a way that you learn only the essentials and must knows of blender.The course isproject-based, so you will applying your new skills to give life to your visuals.By the end of this course you will be able to give life to your visuals.This course also covers some important areas like Storytelling, [Bonus]Working with motion captured animations, [Bonus]Best ways to present a rendered scene, [Bonus]Workflow tips, [Bonus]Convey the mood of the scene and create appealing scenes through brilliant lighting techniques and camera angles [Bonus]I’ll be adding new lecture once every month. I’m always here to solve your doubts. Never waste you time and The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Bgms used in this course: [Drum and Bass] Shane Euston – New Day[Chillstep] Zivn – Aura[Future Bass] RmaN – The JumpChill Out x Ambient Summer Mix Summer VibesAll the images used in this course are just used for educational purpose. Ihope you are excited to jump into this course! And I can’t wait to see your amazing renders! Thanks and Cheers!Raghav