Blockchain is a database just like MySQL, Oracle or any other. The major difference between blockchain and others are that it follows append only structure wherein, individuals are only allowed to add the data. In this, you are restricted from deleting or altering the data which plays an important role in preventing any type of fraud or data tampering. Due to these factors, the demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts have exponentially increased. Considering all these points, we brought you this important course focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Why this course is important? Blockchain and cryptocurrency will soon be the option of choice in various public domains including the financial sector. To cope up with the growing demand, this course will focus on various topics covering all the details about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Initially, this course focuses on the basics but later, you will get the in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency as well as blockchain including Ethereum. Lastly, with the implementation of blockchain, you can have a better experience of real-world scenarios. What makes this course so valuable? This course elucidates the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it also explains why blockchain and cryptocurrency are crucial in todays world. It gives details about the types of the blockchain, hash function, digital signatures, POW, blocks and many other things. Additionally, this course will also cover the implementation of blockchain from scratch. Later, this course gives insight into cryptocurrency including bitcoins, Ethereum, smart contracts and others. This course includes- 1. Fundamentals of blockchain and the basics of cryptocurrency 2. Use of hash function, digital signatures, storing keys, types of the blockchain, block structure and many more 3. POW, the importance of POW for miners and block hash vs block height 4. Blockchain implementation from scratch 5. Introduction to bitcoin, buying and selling of cryptocurrency, UTXO, and so on. 6. Ethereum- Introduction, smart contract, state transition machine, mining in Ethereum, block size, Ethereum phases, Web 3 and DAO 7. Smart contracts and more interesting stuff! The technology is constantly evolving, so is this world; its the right time to master these technologies. Start today in-order to become the expert tomorrow.