Blockchain Technology: A Simple and Quick Introduction



Cutting straight to the point:Blockchain.This course bridges the gap between: various online content surrounding blockchain technology that is too technical andpublicationsexplainingspecific applications of blockchain technology.Understanding of basicconcepts in blockchain technology is important in order to understand specific blockchain applications and its actual economic impact. This course aims to teach blockchain in a visual, compactand logical manner.Important: This course isfocussed more on blockchain as a technology and not so much on cryptocurrency. After completing this course you can expect to have a thorough working knowledge of blockchain technology along with various current,planned future blockchain applications and use cases. We will also discuss startups in the blockchain space, along with job prospects in blockchain.What is coveredin this course:Blockchain foundationsWhy do we need blockchainHow blockchain worksVisual demo of blockchainTypes of blockchainLimitations of blockchainBlockchain disruptive use casesJob prospects in blockchainKey blockchain concepts explainedin this course:Cryptographic Hash FunctionsCryptographyMerkle TreesDouble Spending ProblemOwnershipDistributed SystemsMiningPeer-to-peer systemsDistributed ConsensusByzantine Generals’ ProblemWe have also included a printable-PDF of:Comprehensive blockchain terminologyFREE resources to explore blockchain furtherGuide to securing job in the blockchain field and moreIf you are ready to unravel the blockchain, let’s getstarted!Thank you and welcome to this course.Best,Arya Sharma,UnchainLabs