Blog your book in 30 days – become a published author



Become a published author and blog your book in 30 daysIs this the year that you write your book?Do you long to be an author but don’t think you have the time?Do you have lots of content that could be turned into a book?Could you write a blog for 30 days that could be used for your bookk?Have you already written a book and want to maximise it’s reach by blogging it?If the answer is yes, then this course is for you. In just 30 days, you could take the content from your blog (and a few other places) and turn that into a book that you sell on Amazon.Planning and getting really clear about what the right book is will make becoming a published author and blogger so much easier. This course helps you toDevelop the right ideaCreate a brilliant and easy to follow outlineDesign a chapter frameworkGet you ready to write to first draftBlog your book in 30 daysCreate compelling contentEdit to final draftPublish on Amazon’s KindleRe-purpose your book and re-blog it to build your personal brandIn this course, you will learn how go from no idea through to blogging your book, how to use the content from your blog to create a book.You will also learn how to deconstruct your book and blog it either for the first time or again.You will be given resources and plans to make the whole process easy and stress-free.Already a published author?You may already have a book and want to promote it via your blog, if that is the case, then this course is also for you.You will become a published author in no time at all.