Blogging For EcommerceIt doesn’t matter if you sell on Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or one of the other ecommerce store platforms, generating organic traffic is hard.One of the most important and easiest ways to start generating traffic and engaging existing customers is but creating a blog.Most ecommerce store owners don’t know how to setup a blog correctly or how to structure a blog post for both the user and the search engines such as Google.This course show you how to create and structure a blog post that not only users, but the search engines will love.Why Listen To Me?Over the last 10 years myself and my e-commerce SEO agency team have developed and honed powerful strategies to rank websites and ecommerce stores that now generate millions of dollars monthly combined.We’ve battle tested strategies and developed systems that work. The digital space is always rapidly evolving, and we are nimble enough to move with those changes and implement them quickly.What You’ll LearnThis course will show you how to structure a blog post for ecommerce correctly.Modules include:IntroductionKeyword ResearchTools For ResearchBlog Post Structure (including URL, SEO title, H tags, content)Using Images and VideoInternal & Internal LinkingBonus – Correct Yoast SEO Setup (If using WordPress)Who Is This Course For?This course is for anyone who has an e-commerce store using any platform. The example and course content is developed around WordPress, however the principles are the same for any blog setup for an e-commecre store.