Body Weight and Calisthenics master class


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This is an exciting and elite Body weight and Calisthenics masterclass workout! Learn the signature move of Bruce Lee, “Dragon Flag” that gave Bruce Lee an edge over many! Learn how to progress with explosive movements both upper body and lower body with Calisthenics. This workout will really give you the gains and make you extremely athletic and powerful. An athletic workout showing range of HIIT based bodyweight and Calisthenics exercises targeting all the muscle groups in the body. Learn how to do all the exercises with a good form. This is a perfect training regime included with plenty of technical tips, conditioning and strengthening. You will learn how to exercise properly and safely. You will learn to do the following: Content: Shoulder TapsSkatingClimber JacksAlligator PressupsClap PressupsSquat KicksSquat 180Hand KicksDonkey KicksChest TapsHindu PushupsDragon FlagsTiger Bend PressupsSuper man Pressups360 Pressups