I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise… it really helped me work out the kinks in a character I’ve been struggling with.” – Workshop Participant.”This course was fun. The group managed to produce some great work, and I couldn’t help but have a go myself.” – Workshop Facilitator.This nano course documents the creative coaching consultation I had with Jonell Rowe a professional writer, film director and founder of the award-winning production company, Lionstooth. Jonells aim for this consultation is to use the methods provided in the workbook to develop character arcs and profiles that are so convincing and concreteto the point where they can acclimatise to any world he develops in his narrative.Whether you’re writing a screenplay, novel, blog series or case study, characters are the driving force behind your story. The resources in this nano course will assist you in the creation of well-formed, believable, engaging beings that will make your audience want to watch, listen or read your plot to the end and even be left gasping for a sequel!