Want to build real-world, full-stack apps with React Hooks? Look no further than this course.###WHAT WILL WE BE BUILDING? ###A realtime, full-stack React app from scratch with a GraphQL Server (Apollo Server 2) on the backend, a cloud MongoDB database (MongoAtlas) with React Hooks to manage our state (replacing Redux!), with Social Authentication (Google OAuth2), realtime data with GraphQL Subscriptions, image uploads with Cloudinary and much more.Our app will be a live geolocation app called GeoPins where users can ‘pin’ different locations on the map and share their own content with other users in realtime–to share pictures, reviews of the location and area, interact with other users by adding comments to their pins, and manage the pins they’ve created.###WHAT CONCEPTSWILLITCOVER? ###How to build a robust GraphQL Server with Authentication (with Apollo Server 2)How to use two GraphQLclient libraries in-depth–Apollo Client and GraphQL RequestReplacing Redux with the useContext and useReducer Hooks for global state managementAll the major concepts within GraphQL: Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions, TypeDefs, Resolvers, Inputs, etcAll the major hooks (useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer)Building Custom Hooks to ‘hook in’ to additional functionality to your applicationsIntegrating Social Login (Google OAuth) with Apollo Server 2Display App Changes in Realtime with GraphQL SubscriptionsDynamic image uploads using the Cloudinary API MongoDB in the cloud with MongoDB AtlasUsing Mongoose to create models, CRUDand search operations, and populationMaking attractive apps with the Material UI component library and Material UIIconsThe Material UI ‘useMediaQuery’ Hook for dead-simple mobile / responsive designDevelop stunning map applications with the Mapbox API and ReactMapGLUse the Geolocation API to get Users’ Current LocationCreate Route Guards / Protected Routes with React Router v4Essential authentication / authorization concepts within GraphQL / ApolloError handling on our server and in our React clientAsync / await functions along with tons of ES6 / ES7 conceptsDeployment with Heroku and Now v2And tons more!