Do you want to create a Trivia iPhone game by yourself?Then this course is for you.In this course you will learn how to program a Trivia Game for iPhone using the latest iOS kit and the Swift programming language.This course video lectures take you from the very beginning, just like if you knew nothing about programming and takes you all the way to build a working trivia game for iPhone.You will be show every single steps and you have access to the final source code so you have all you need to succeed.We will go through the following- creating the project- designing the user interface- connecting the interface to the code- learn how to read questions and answers using json technology- learn how to play sounds- learn how to save and retrieve the player score- use iAd advertising banners t generate revenues….and much more, all using the trendy language named Swift.This is a great opportunity to get to create a classic trivia game for iPhone while learning fundamental skills.Join the course now . Have fun!