Build an amazing home theater system the easy way



Since I was a kid I always dreamed of having my own home theater. There is something magical about watching your favourite movies on a big screen, right? But even more magical is the concept of bringing that same feeling into your own home. The problem is that recreating that experience at home was simply too costly. Let alone I always thought you had to own a big home to have the luxury of a dedicated room for big screen movie watching. Things have changed! Advanced projection technology has become much more affordable these days. So after some research a figured out how I could turn the living room inside my small 700 s/f apartment into the home theatre I always dreamed of. In this course I'll teach you exactly how I did it so you can too enjoy movies, docs, sports, and games like never before on a huge screen without breaking the bank. You will learn: How to design your own home theatre projection setup How to choose the right projector How to choose the right projection screen How to install and adjust your screen How to install and adjust your brand new projector Affordable options for your sound system Even how to cook the perfect popcorn for maximum film ecstasy! The best part is that once you have all the parts and tools you'll be able to install everything in less than a day. Start Saturday morning and watch your first movie in the evening! I've taken the time to include a complete list of exactly all the parts and tools you will need to replicate my projection system. Don't worry if you never grabbed a hammer before. I made this tutorial so easy to follow even a baby poodle could finish this project with flying colors. Ready? It's time to give your living room the Hollywood touch! oh yeah!