This course will teach students use WordPress to create an successful eCommerce website within 2 hours. Besides that, we also will let our student understand what is WordPress, how WordPress work and some plugin.Student can search our course by using : WordPress, eCommerce.Student need to have internet access and also computer because we are doing online business not offline.This course might take 1 hour to complete.First, we will teach our student how to install their domain name and hosting. After that we will go to website site which is install WordPress, install plugin and others. Lastly will also teach our student how to promote their website.Student why need to take this course because they want to start their own e-Business and want to learn how to use WordPress to create an website. (Not Only eCommerce website)Sorry for my poor English speaking and I will do my best to show you all the steps how to create a e-Commerce Website by using WordPress. Thank you. :