So you want todeploy a blockchainbut are overwhelmed by the sea of information out there that is half-baked and seems to want to do too much at the same time.If so,this course is for you. We will start byexplaining exactly what a blockchain is from a technical perspectiveinstead of a high-level business overview. We start from absolute zero,assume no backgroundand give the details only as much as necessary. Then, we move on to the highly popular and industry backed blockchain framework –Hyperledger Fabricandits high-level library –Composer. We explain how to set everything up and then move to creating our first blockchain and then asmart contract.We will also cover how this blockchain can be used from anexisting application using a REST API. This would enable you to start using blockchainsin your own applicationsthat can benefit from a blockchain or distributed ledger.We take acase study-based approachand motivate why we need the commands we’re running and how everything fits together. If there is a concept that is typically covered in similar courses but isn’t immediately necessary for deploying our first smart contract, we’ll skip it. We aim to have our first smart contract up and runningin about an hourand then integrate with it from outside the Fabric environment by the end of this course.There is also areal-time chat systemin place for students who enroll in this course. With a free signup, you get access to real-time chat with myself and fellow students who are working to complete this course (or have completed the course before you). We plan on creating this network of like-minded experts who can help each other out and collaborate on exciting ideas together.What will I learn?Basics of ahashHow this simple concepts enable thepowerful blockchainarchitectureInstall and configureHyperledger Fabric using the easiest methodavailableInstall and run Composer — ahigh-level, easy to use interface to FabricSet up aREST APIto use our blockchain from outside FabricUse a REST APItesting application and then PHPto access data from our blockchainAbout the instructor:Blockchain Engineer at IBMExperienced in Enterprise Level blockchain application development