Deep down you know you will never finish 10 hour courses on this website. How about instead you take this 1 hour course and find out if Django is something you are interested in? By the end of this 1 hour you will have an understanding of the Django Project structure, how to create a web server for websites and you will have a fully functional Landing Page that you would have created yourself. I have taken the most important concepts of Django and compressed them into this 1 hour of pure knowledge. No useless talks. The goal is simple: learn Django by working on real project step-by-step while we explain every concept along the way. For the duration of this course we will take you on a journey and you’re going to learn how to:Build a Landing Page using Django and PythonCreate Forms in DjangoCreate a database and use it to store data from Django FormsRender HTML and add static files (images ) to your projectCreate your first Django applicationThis course doesn’t cover all of the reasons we do things, but sometimes when you’re learning something new you just need something quick to get your bearings. This course is quick and perfect for those trying to get familiar with Django.