Currently, .Net Developers are in high demand. .Net Development can be learned, This course will help any student with a will, interest, and determination, to DEVELP THE WINGS THEY REQUIRE to fly from the ledge by themselves. Flying by yourself, requires constant study and practice of C# on your own. This course is simple, straight forward and each video begins where the last one ends. It is deliberately designed with the slowest student in mind, and with the knowledge that, every dime and time spent by a student on this course is an investment. You should take this course because it unveils how a Windows Forms Application is built and functions. By the end of the course, you would be able to: Download and Install Visual Studio for free as a student. Download and Install SQL Server for free as a student. Navigate the Visual Studio 2013 Professional IDE comfortably. Build a database Build an application Connect the application to a database Build a fully functional Windows Forms Application for a small business using C#,Database/Tables, and T-SQL.