Hey there, and welcome to my course!I am Gurpreet Singh Matharoo, a GameMaker Mentor and Instructor. Ihave years of experience in GameMaker, and have helped many people to learn game development through mycourses, tutorials, and guides.In this course, you’ll learn how GameMaker Studio 2 works, and as an example we will createa shoot ’em up style game from the ground up.GameMaker Language (a.k.a. GML) is the built-in programming language usedin GameMaker Studio. It is very quick to learn and simple to use. Iwill guide you through the basics of the language before starting, so even if you have no experience in coding at all, you will have no trouble infollowing this course.The structure of the course is as follows:First Iintroduce you to GameMaker Studio 2 and explain how it works.Then Iexplain what events are and how they work, and then give you an introduction to programming in GML.Then Iwalk you through a step-by-step process of creating a shoot ’em up style game using GML.ThenIshow you how some more interesting things are done inGameMaker.You can also download the source file of the shoot ’em up game we make in this course.When you finish the course, you will have the knowledge you require to create your own games and the base to learn more. With a GameMaker licence, you can even sell your games!Furthermore, if you are my student, I can help you with any of your problems related to GameMaker, for no extra charges.So what are you waiting for?Sign up for the course now, and let’s get started!