Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a marketing manager or a website designer with not much experience in WordPress, this course will teach you how to build a great-looking, high-performing WordPress-powered website, without spending more money than you have to.When you complete the course, you’ll be a lot more comfortable at publishing and editing your own WordPress website and being aware of the pitfalls to avoid.You’ll be shown how to set up your domain, what host to use, how to install WordPress and what settings are essential to get right at the beginning.You’ll also be shown how and why you should use the Genesis Theme Framework and how to manage your own site design within a Genesis Child Theme.You’ll learn How to register a domain, where to register it and how to point the domain towards your website hostWhat the difference between different website hosting options are and which option is right for themHow to set up WordPress on both HostGator and Traffic Planet HostingHow to edit the core WordPress settings to ensure that the site set-up is optimizedHow to install and optimize Genesis, the leading WordPress Theme Framework and understand why using Genesis is importantHow to find, select, install, optimize and personalise Genesis Child Themes so that the overall site design is modern and appealingWhat WordPress Widgets are, how to use them and how they add additional site functionalityWhat WordPress Plugins do, why they are important and how they impact different aspects of a siteNo prior knowledge is required. However, you should have an intention to or a desire to build a great-looking, modern, WordPress-powered websiteIf you’re a frustrated website manager, a designer that needs to understand how to really use WordPress or a freelance entrepreneur that wants to build your own site, then this course is ideal for you.