Build the startup of your dreams!This course provides you with a strong understanding of the underlying principles of entrepreneurship, and gives you the most important tools you need to succeed with your creative startup.You learn how to align your company with your personal purpose. You will understand the importance of core values and finding the right business model, and how to uncover these foundations of your company. You will learn about the mindset that a business owner needs to have, while staying close to your personal values.We’ll dive into the unique aspects and implications of “staying small” or “going big”, and why this is an important choice. You will be able to make an informed decision that’s best for your situation and goals.This course teaches valuable management skills to get a better grip on your business operations. You will get a solid introduction to practical tools such as:metrics (to get a clear picture of where you stand)the cashflow prognosis (giving a better grip on your finances)the one page strategic plan (which streamlines your decision making processes)This course combinesexperiencewithpractical examples through interviewswithprofessionals in the gameindustry.This course includes interviews with:Diederik Groesbeek (Founder of Xform Games, known for Super Man or Monster)Vincent van Geel(Freelance Creative Director and Producer, worked on March of War and the Iron Grip games)