Landing Pages to Optimize Conversions” is a omnicohomprensive course about the different kind of Landing Pages who are used in online marketing.This page is a fundamental element of different marketing systems,,is the main component of all the marketing funnels; it works as a Sales Letter,a Capture Leads page,a Webinar invitation,a Squeeze page for list building;In short: Landing Pages are the heart of every marketing system!The knowledge about testing,optimizing and obtain the max, from those marketing systems starts from how to test,optimize and change a landing page.And this is the core topic of this Course.I am sure that for an entrepreneur,a marketing manager,a consultant, the knowledge there is in this course is something so useful that is essential to stand from the croud!I worked 6 months to realize it, originally it was in italian then i decided to do it in english to give to more people the chance to use it.Thanks to all of you who will give me his confidence and trustPaolo OrlandoWeb marketing specialist