Building Websites JavaScript and the DOM



JavaScript HTML and CSS are the three core foundations for any website. Learn to use JavaScript, and make some your web visitors happy. AddingJavaScriptwill allow you to create more interactive and more incredible dynamic web content.JavaScript is super popular and used by most modern websites to create a better user experiences. Its easy to get started with JavaScript as you don’t need any special programs, its runs within your web browser. JavaScript is designed for performing dynamic tasks within your web pages.This course has everything you need to start creating your own JavaScript code. This is a step by step guide explaining how and why JavaScript is used. Learn the code fundamental concepts of JavaScript and how it can be used in connection to your HTML.Explore what you can do with JavaScript!This course coversJavaScript VariablesArrays and Objectsworking with ArraysFunctions and how to use themConditional statementsLearning about the Document Object ModelConnect JavaScript to your HTML webpageSelectingelementsUpdating CSS via JavaScriptEvents and listenersMaking your webpage interactiveThis course has whatyou need to learn about JavaScript. Get to know JavaScriptHDquality VideosInstructor with over 18 years Real world experienceTop links and ResourcesSource Code includedand much moreJavaScript is in demand and learning JavaScript can set you apart. See what JavaScript can do, start creating your own code today.