This class is a basic overview of business. This is the first of five classes included in the businesscourse. Business Basics include: business definitions; a complete overview of business types (Sole-proprietor, LLP, LLC, Corporations…); complete instruction in the development of business documents such as business plans, marketing plans, and more; instructions on performing business analysis such as SWOT and financials; and a brief overview of business financials/accounting, and marketing. The next set of classes cover: Business Finance/Accounting; Marketing; Business Funding; and Global/Corporate Business. The complete course will provide knowledge on all business needs. This class (and all following classes) contain references which include: outlines, tips, directions, formats, documents, examples, and templates for Business Plans, Marketing Plans, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Plans, Amortization Scales, and much more. These documents are helpful in the learning process as well as useful in business as an owner, manager, and executive. Having nearly 20 years of business ownership and executive experience, holding a PhD in Business Management and Finance/Accounting, and having taught Business, Business Negotiations, Accounting I and II, Business Finance, Marketing, and more with ITTTechnical Institute gives me the privilege of passing my knowledge on to others. This course allows me to help future business owners, executives, and managers set a strong foundation in business basics which will be built upon in following classes.