At the office, it is very important to write professional English emails. If you can’t write professional English email, it is almost equal to telling your boss or your working partner: my working ability is not very good .If you’re in international trade company…How to seek the possibility of business cooperation from new customers?How to urge customers to pay without hurting their feelings?If you’re in an international and multinational company…If you find a project problem, how do you write an email to give feedback to your boss?If you have a new project plan, how to write an email to propose to the leader?This  course is probably the most comprehensive and highest-level English email course, which is taught by American business English teacher and is more authentic and standardized. Writing and speaking at the same time, from the email writing thought to the sentence pattern logic, the writing standard of an email is completely presented, clear at a glance, clear and easy to understand, thus realizing the real mastery of English business email writing skills by white-collar workers in foreign enterprises!