Business Model Innovation:Start A Membership Based Business.



There are many reasons people are attracted to the membership model.The most compelling for us is how dramatically different (and better) making recurring income from a membership is compared to servicing clients on a one-on-one basis.In this courseIm going to explain why the membership model is far superior to offering one-to-one services, as well as show you how you can start incorporating memberships and subscriptions into your own business.Advantages of shifting to a membership business model:Better leverage creating a membership website around a specific topic enables you to make the most of your knowledge, experiences, skills and expertise.Youre in control, and whether youre offering e-learning, a coaching programme or a community you get to tap into the full extent of your toolkit and share it with others.Stable, recurring, accumulating revenue having hundreds of members paying you a small fee every month makes for a far less volatile source of income than relying on a small number of clients. It also means you stop trading time for money and instead focus on building an asset that will continuously grow in value.Less pressure, more flexibility by ditching crazy clients and demanding deadlines, you take full control of your business and are no longer subject to others. You choose when you work, where you work and what you work on.So lets deep dive into the amazing journey!