Does this sound like you?Are you a parent looking at getting back into the workforce?Are you concerned about having lost your place in the workforce?Feeling like you dont have current / relevant experience or skills? Wondering what employers/investors are looking for . and if you have it? Lacking confidence in your own abilities? What you may not realise is … You may already have a competitive advantage!This course takes you through the 7 steps in the path to market in as little as 8 weeks.This businessstartup Skills course is specifically designed to show how the core skills you have learned in other areas of life,like as a parent, are relevant to the skills that many employers look for in their staff. And if you don’t believe you could get a job, you are likely to not believe you can start a business.You can gain the confidence back in your abilities as you see that you are practising many skills relevant to the workforce on a daily basis. You will also learn about technology used by small businesses, which will help you apply for a jobs, and know how the skills listed relate to a prospective employers requirements. In some cases, we can help you get back into the workforce to a better-paying and more flexible job than you had before taking time out to raise a family … Sounds good doesnt it?If you want formal skills recognition…This course can be used to work towards unitsfromBSB50215 Diploma of Business, including:BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunitiesBSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mixBSBINN501 Establish systems that support innovationBSBMGT517 Manage operational plan This course does not include assessing orissuing the units, and only provides training. Upon completion of this course, you may choose to apply to an issuing Registered Training Organisation (RTO) directlyto get formal skills recognition (of Prior Learning). While we do not have any affiliations with an RTO, we do have access to advice from qualified assessors who can advise you on the requirements and what you could provide as evidence as a result of this course.Let us help you make being a parent or a volunteer for a charity an ADVANTAGE in the workplace. Even if you are not a parent, you can learn how to apply thinking parents naturally do to identify the needs of others that any business needs for long term success.or, are you already working in the training industry?If you are a trainer and assessor working for an RTO looking to update your vocational industry currency for business and marketing units, this course maps to the performance requirements for the e-commerces skill set developed by TrainerPD websitethrough engagement with small business owners and the start-up ecosystem in Brisbane (Australia).The activities undertaken at hack-a-thon weekends have been observed andmapped to the following units (below) for participants to provide evidence for RPL if they can create an MVP on the weekend.However, to issue the units,an assessor would have to demonstrate they have industryexperience and updated their industry currency (specifically for small business technology)in the last year due to the high amount of early adopter technology commonlyused on at the Hack-a-thon weekends.