Situation – you are required towrite in business and to make your point effectively.Problem – you are not as effective as you should be or you get stressed doing it.Need – this course to learn and applythe basic guidelines of effective writing. Learn to Plan and Scan so that the reader’s eye follows your message across the page.Remember that we skim documents up to 9 times for key words before we read them.Distil your message to its essence in 12words to proveyou know your subject.Use the AIDA model to win Attention, build Interest and Desire to generateAction.Use the KISSrule to Keep It Short and Simple.Focus on the top 3 logical and emotionalarguments in your writing.Discover tools to make sure you use Plain Language.Imagine you are writing for a reading age of 14 years.Get onto the reader’s wavelength by mirroring the metaphors they use.Write powerful headlines and subject lines to make yourpoint fast.Break your words up with white space, indents and bold to make it easier to followUsing real life scenarios learn to writebetter: emails direct mail presentations reports blog posts press releases business proposals letters memos and much moreLearn how to discover the keywords at the “sweet spot”which will help your writing to get found online. Write using keywords without your message sounding distorted.In one way or another you will only ever be wrting about: where we are – current circumstances wherewe could go – our options how to get there – the plan of actionIf you keep to the plot of the story and remember why you are writing and who you are writing for, thenwhat you are going to write will fall into place.Eliminate the worst errors of grammar, spellingand punctuation with ourlist of the Top 20 most common problems.We reveal the magic words which will help you to give and receive critical feedback on your writing without giving ortakingany offence.The course will help anybody who is required to write in their business role to communicate effectively. If you need to be more effective or find that you get stressed and confused then this course will teach you the basic techniques on which you can rely.The course is mostly video which has been designed tohelp you recall simple tools like: Plan and Scan AIDA KISS SPIN and others.By making these tools easy to recall and by looking at before and after examples you will quickly be able to write in business and will greatly improve your personal reputation.We are always available to answer your questions.Includes relevant Mind Maps throughout and an hour of free coaching for those who complete the course if requested.