COURSEOBJECTIVEThis course willintroduce you to the processof finding and buying a successful online business, that’s making passive income every day.This can be done without any experience and even without using any of yourown money.The key benefits to buying an online business are:Skip failure. 90% of new online businesses fail within 120 days. When you buy a provenonline business, you bypass failure and makemoney from day 1Passive income. An online business can make money for you while you sleep with automationGood investment. An online business can be bought for as low as $500 and up to 5 million. They usually sell for 2x yearly profits aka. 50%return on your investmentLocation independence. All you need to run an online business is a computer and internet – you can work from home, the beach or abroad.Scale-ability. You can easily improve the business by translating it to another language, increase the advertising spend and many other things.Easy to learn. When you buy a business, you will get written standard operating procedures and live training on how to run the business from the previous owner. You don’t have to figure it allout yourself.Flipping websites is a great wealth builder. You can buy an online business, improve it and sellit in 6 months and make great profits from the “digital real-estate” flip.In this course, Iwill show all of the steps necessary to safely buy a successful online business like an affiliate site, Amazon business or a dropshipping ecommercestore.GUARANTEEIf within 30 days of buying the course you decide that it’s not for you, please get a Udemy-backed refund. No questions asked just press the refund button, and all of your money will be returned to your credit card.ARE YOU READY TO LEARNHOWTOBUYANONLINEBUSINESS?Please press the “Take This Course” button and start learning 2 minutes from now!