Byzantine Iconography Series 4: Drawing the Full Figure (P1)



In this course (Part 1 of Series 4) we will be laying the foundation for drawing full figure Saints and their garments, by putting into practice what was learned in the previous series on Garment Basics.This course presupposes that students have followed the previous three series on Drawing the Face, Drawing the Half Figure and Garment Basics.In Section 1 we will study the basic structure of the full figure and it’s measurements as well as how to draw it on a curved and S-axis.In Section 2 we will learn how to draw feet in various stances.In Section 3 we will study the garments worn by Christ, the Apostles and Prophets.In Section 4 will draw the garment worn by Women Martyrs and the Theotokos.We will finish of this first part of the series in Section 5 studying the garments worn by Monastics.