Calculus For Data Science and Machine Learning



                                                                                Fundamental of Calculus 3This course is 13.5 hours videos course in sequences and series. There are total 9 sections in this course.  The purpose of this course is to enhance the calculus skill at advance level. This course is being taught in different universities at bachelor and master level. I have taught this course many times in university. I recommend to the students if they wants to take this course then take a look in the content section of this course. I also recommend to the students that they should take my first course which is calculus 1 & 2. CONTENTS SECTIONSWhat are sequences?Convergent and divergent sequences.Bounded and monotonic sequences.What is an infinite series?Convergence and divergence of an infinite series.Ratio and root test.Alternating series test.Absolutely and conditionally convergence of a series.Convergence of a power series.And many examples and exercises related to above topics.