Can Electrons Learn? – The Greatest New Scientific Discovery



The largest, most expensiveand most complex scientific apparatus in the history of the world – The Large Hadron Collider -was turned on in 2008and soon afterdiscovered the God Particle (Higgs boson). From this point forward, our relationship to the universe changed because we have opened up a path to knowledge that is unprecedented and truly revolutionary. We are at the point where we can now understand where our own Consciousness, what makes us feel alive, what gives us the notion that we are who we are is now being analyzed from the sub-atomic level. From this era, future versions of humans will look back at these discoveries as being the turning point – the most important place in our evolution because it is the point in time where we can actually trace our lineage back to the Big Bang, the moment that the universe was created.Because of scientific questions such as this one – we have found that the entire universe – including us -is made out of molecules, that molecules are composed of atoms and that atoms are composed of the tiniest of things, the protons, which are composed of quarks, and that quarks have personalities, such as ‘color’, ‘up’, ‘down’,’strange’ and ‘beauty’. We learn that there is another type of atomic particle called an Electron, which we know how to use in the form of Electricity. We have even found out recently that sometimes electrons can become aware of a partner in what I like to call – the origination of ‘Soul Mates’. They never forget about their partner, no matter how long or how farthey are apart. In my previous work – ‘The Four States of Consciousness’, I describe how these ‘entangled electrons’ may be designed to be not only the conductor of electricity but of our own state of Consciousness as well. Since the publishing of this book, I wondered – “If electrons enjoy a Consciousness similar to our own, then the proof would be an easy experiment to find out if they can learn since only something that is aware of itself could formulate how to learn to improve its situation. All of our futureEvolution as a civilizationmay bend around the answer to this very profound scientific question. The course creator asks you to help in asking this question, informing others of the question,until we all know the answer.By using the Large Hadron Collider in a new experiment described in these lectures, we may gain the truth about the origination of the universe and how ourConsciousness has arrived in our bodies and minds. It has never happened before in Science where allthe greatest minds on the planet are put to use on a collaborative effort to discover how God operates and our role in that operation.In this course we trace our Evolution all the way back to the opening seconds of The Big Bang and show how 14 billion years of hard work goes into the making of the modern human being and all other life on Earth. Where you come from, what creates your thoughts, how you look at the world will all change when you learn about the potential experiment coming out of the Large Hadron Collider and how it will impact on your life and the life of planet Earth.When we have the scientific tools to uncover the most important discovery of all time – whether or not electrons are conscious beings who have the ability to learn, we must do everything in our power to use these tools in the most productive and efficient ways. We are on the precipice of knowledge where we will either destroy our own planet and ourselves along with it or we will be able to use our god-given minds to find a solution to global mistrust and hate to turn this planet into the gem of the universe – a true paradise where all creatures great and small can live in total, peace, harmony and prosperity.We need to know if electrons can learn. When we know the answer – then we may ask the question – can humankindlearn as well?