Hi I’m James Davey The Exam Coach, and welcome to this short course on How SMART People Use Their Smartphones. This course will show you:How to use your smart phone to achieve your long term goalsHow to build positive usage habits around your own smartphoneHow to think about your smartphone so that you can stay on top of the important stuff in lifeCourse Context:Around 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. That’s around 5 billion people. Of those which are smart devices the average person spends 4.7 hours a day on this smart device, 3 of these hours are spent doing non-voice activities. Smart devices are those which perform the same functions as a computer, for example, internet access and contain an operating system capable of running downloadable apps – in other words, they work on the move, where ever when ever. Popular examples are the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.To think that the first fully functioning smartphone to sell at significant global scale was only release on 2007 is staggering. What’s even more astonishing is there’s is no best practice around how to use these devices to be their most effective. Do we really know how to use the power and problem-solving potential within these devices? Do you know exactly how your friends use their phones? Do you know how they think about the content they receive and push out across their network every day? How they prioritise their time and attention?The answer is, you probably dont. In fact, most people feel uncomfortable having someone else, even a family member, look at or even have knowledge of the information on their phone. Its personal. We dont always want to share the private conversations, thoughts and hobbies that lay stowed away on our personal devices.For this reason, the way in which people actually use and think about their mobile devices and how that impacts the really big things we care about in life remains a mystery.This course contains my suggestion on how you might be able to make a few changes that could help you setup more structure around how you tap into the potential of your smartphone to help you achieve your long term goals. Ill show you how I use my smartphone to enable me to do the things I care about, to help take me a step closer to long term goals, to enhance my physical and mental quality of life as opposed to taking away from it.