Casting Director: All about Casting Directors and being Cast



In the realm of casting, there are so many processes from casting industrials, television, and film to meeting with actors, reading scripts, and negotiating with producers. This class is for anyone planning to work within the casting profession and also gives tremendous perspective to anyone that wants to enter the entertainment industry. In addition to casting agents, it is recommended for actors, talent agents, managers, producers, and all others that work in conjunction with the casting process.  Industry ExpertToni Suttie Casting DirectorAs President of Integrity Casting, Toni Suttie has over 25  years experience in Hollywood castings.   With over 250 feature film, commercial, television, industrial,  live event, and trade show castings, she has  become a sought after expert for workshops, lectures, and speaking engagements  around the country.   Toni is the writer  of the book Slate Please: The Ultimate  Actors Guide to Audition Preparation.   She also has established the exclusive Elite Mentoring Program for  actors.Her credits include films such as Love Ranch (Joe Pesci, Helen Mirren), Beverly Hills Cop III (Eddie Murphy), and Made in America (Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg).  Corporate video castings include those for  Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, and CompUSA and television castings for The Apprentice, Beverly Hills 90210, and Ellen  DeGeneres Show.  Toni has also  produced and/or cast events for celebrity talent such as Carmen Electra, Andy  Dick, Mario Van Peebles, and Pamela Anderson.