After finishing the course i guarantee you that you will have your CCNA if you pass the exam, i was able to collect all the informations needed to have your CCNA 2019 i left nothing i covered all the parts, and it’s only one course i didn’t split it into two because my first goal is teaching you !There is labs in the course so you will learn everything even if you don’t here about CCNA even if it’s your first time!Contents: 1. Networking2. IP protocol,TCP,UDP Layers3. Ethernet4. CISCO IOS5. Hubs and switches6. VLANs,Trunks,VTP7. etherchannel (Link aggregation) 8. Spanning-Tree (STP)9. Binary, Subnetting and Summarization10. IP Routing11. FHRP (First Hop Redundancy Protocols)12. Distance Vector Routing Protocols13. OSPF Link-state routing protocol14. EIGRP Ciscos Hybrid Routing Protocol15. Security: Keeping the bad guys out16. Network and Port address Translation (NAT & PAT)17. Wide area networks18. Introduction to IPv6 19. IPv6 NPD and Host Configuration 20. IPv6 Routing21. Virtual Private Networks22. Network Management23. IOS Licensing