Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE 300-101) is a qualifying examfor the Cisco CCNP and CCDP certifications. The ROUTE 300-101 exam certifies therouting knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in using advanced IP addressingand routing like (RIP, ClassicEIGRP, Named EIGRP,OSPF, BGP, IPv6, RIPng, Classic EIGRPv6, Named EIGRPv6, OSPFv3,MP-BGP, Tunneling, IPSec Cryptography, SLA,AAA)in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers and Cisco ASA Firewallsthat are connected to LANs, WANs,and IPv6.The exam also covers the configuration of highly secure routing solutions to support branch offices andmobile workers.CCNPRouting and Switching 300-101(ROUTE) ModuleContents in brief: IP AddressingSubnetting and VLSMSummarizationFundamentals of RoutingImplementation ofIPv4Static and Default RoutingFundamentalsandImplementation ofRIPFundamentalsandImplementation of Classic EIGRPFundamentalsandImplementation ofNamed EIGRPFundamentalsandImplementation ofOSPFv2FundamentalsandImplementation ofBGPFundamentalsandImplementation ofPolicy Base Routing and SLAFundamentals of VirtualPrivateNetwork (VPN) TechnologiesFundamentalsandImplementation ofIPSec Site-Site VPNFundamentalsandImplementation ofIPSec Remote AccessVPNFundamentalsandImplementation ofSSL VPNFundamentalsandImplementation ofDMVPN VPNFundamentalsandImplementation ofGET VPNFundamentalsandImplementation ofFlex VPNFundamentals and Implementation of WAN TechnologiesFundamentals and Implementation of IOS Access-ListFundamentals and Implementation of IOS Network Address TranslationFundamentals and Implementation of Network Infrastructure ServicesFundamentals ofIPv6Implementation ofIPv6 Static and Default RoutingImplementation ofRIPngImplementation ofClassicEIGRPv6Implementation ofNamed EIGRPv6Implementation ofOSPFv3Implementation ofMP-BGP IPv6Implementation ofIPv6 TunnelingImplementation of DHCP and DHCP Relay Agent and NTPManaging Cisco Router With AAAImplementation of IPv4 Static and Default Routingon Cisco ASAImplementation ofRIP on Cisco ASAImplementation of Classic EIGRP on Cisco ASAImplementation ofOSPFv2 on Cisco ASAImplementation ofIPv6 Static and Default Routingon Cisco ASAImplementation ofSLA on Cisco ASAImplementation ofMulticasting on Cisco ASA