Ceramic Design: Flexible Production (Renewed April 2020)



I designed this course for those people who intend to produce ceramic pieces in volume, that is, to market them in stores or with their friends.Why do I do it? Because I am convinced that the mind of the designer behaves differently when the challenge goes beyond simple entertainment.The design of ceramic pieces involves addressing more aspects involved, and in a certain way, of a very complex and indeterminate technical nature, because each time we open an oven, it is like opening a box of surprises since the results are unexpected.I observe two main objectives:1. Develop a skill that allows you to face the art of ceramics with enthusiasm and determination.2. Orient said skill to the design and production of low and medium volume pieces to be commercialized.Therefore, this class can not cover such an ambitious project. That is why this first class will focus exclusively on the ability to produce pieces whose model and mold are already available, modify them and orient them to a specific market.The phases of preparation of pastes and plaster molds, as well as those of decoration or wider finish, both will be seen in deteriores classes.Finally, I apologize for my level of speaking the English language, but my enthusiasm for trying to break the language barrier is greater.I’m Arturo Jurez, originally from Mexico City and it’s a pleasure to be with you.Good luck!