Total cost of Cyber Breach is 100 Billion Dollars.Cyber crime damage costs to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.The rapid growth and adoption of Blockchain Technology has open doors for many innovative solutions to make our life easier, but at the same time the bad guys are finding ways to breach into your systems.This Course will give you an apt understanding of Blockchain Security to protect your Enterprise from bad guys.I will begin with uncovering hard to digest blockchain concepts in a digestible way, then Iwill drive into Blockchain Security.Highlight of Topics:Section IIntroductionMoney,Legal Tender and BitcoinBitcoin and Silk RoadBlockchainAddressTimestampLedger and Distributed LedgerProof of Work (POW), Proof of Stake (POS), Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)Bitcoin, Blockchain Series of attackCryptographyCryptography : A Story of Corporate LoverSymmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography Hash FunctionHash DemoHash PropertiesProof of work (POW) Email ExampleDigital SignatureGenesis Block, Merkle TreeMiningBlockchain Security Topics OverviewSection II Blockchain Security: Access ControlBlockchain Node InteractionHardening of ServerFirewall and Server Security (Demo for Port Scan and Finding Running Processes using open source tool included)Network SecurityPermission ManagementRegulating Blockchain ParametersTarget time IntervalMining DifficultyMining DiversityBlockchain ParametersSecure Backup of KeysConsensus MechanismContingency Plan Policy Testing and BackupAuditing and Vulnerability ScanningIncident Response PlanData Security and Data PrivacySection IIIBlockchain AttacksBlockchain attacks typesSection IVSmart Contract Introduction and FeaturesSmart Contact Security VulnerabilitiesSmart Contract SecurityDemo to find Smart Contact Vulnerabilities3 Practice Cases Studies for self practice includedSection VICO Introduction and Brief HistoryICO Security20+ Awesome resources for you!**************************************************************************************************************Student Reviews:A unique first of it’s kind course which wonderfully covers the Security aspects of Blockchain. A must watch for Enterprise driven Blockchain Developers, Enthusiast and Cyber security professionals.The presenter has in-depth knowledge of the subject and has explained it very well. The course extensively covers security from its very inception to modern cryptographically secured systems. Highly researched information’s are shared smoothly in minimum required time. Highly recommended. – Vinod KGood course for start, thanks to Mr. Prakash. – Ferdi************************************************************************************************************** Do: Go through all video tutorials, supplementary resources and references Highlight Audio and Video Issues that may creep in. Suggestions welcome Leave Feedback and Rating Ask questions, just don’t keep it to yourself Go through the FAQ Session and Discussion Forum Get in touch for any query, help or suggestions This course will be updated regularly, please go though the updates This course will give you a high level overview of Blockchain SecurityDon’t: Enroll if you have issues with accent or have difficulty in understanding different accent Pirate this Course, Respect Handwork of Instructor If unwilling to ask questions and share feedback If you have difficulty with slight or unavoidable background noise If you are want to learn hands-on security If you learn security aspects of various Blockchain fabric This is not a programming course and doesn’t teach you to secure your code There is no Lab Sessions or Practicals but few demos includedAwesome! :)Let’s get started….