Digital evidence features in just about every part of our personal and business lives. Legal and business decisions hinge on having timely data about what people have actually done. This course on Practical Digital forensics, is an introduction to computer forensics and investigation, and provides a taster in understanding how to conduct investigations to correctly gather, analyse and present digital evidence for beginners. It also outlines the tools to locate and analyse digital evidence on devices, security aspects, digital signatures legality, running malicious files, secure communication, browser forensics and much more.Do: Go through all video tutorials, and practice at the same time Highlight Audio and Video Issues that may creep in. Suggestions welcome Leave Feedback and Rating Ask questions, just don’t keep it to yourself Go through the FAQ Session and Discussion Forum Get in touch for any query, help or suggestions This course will be updated regularly, please go though the updatesDon’t: Enroll if you have issues with accent or have difficulty in understanding different accent Pirate this Course, Respect Handwork of Instructor If unwilling to ask questions and share feedback If you have difficulty with slight or unavoidable background noiseAwesome! :)Let’s get started….