This course seeks to help you who understand why you have been held back for so long by your beliefs about yourself!I offer tools and exercises to help you break through these barriers, change the old story you have been carrying with you for so long, in order to create your ultimate life. This course includes 4 PDF documents. 3 are exercises and 1 is a commitment statement that I will help you write for yourself, to help you determine you WHY factor, your Push Factor. The course is a set of over 20 lectures, all screencasts which I have recorded to help you better understand the contents of the information. The content includes: – 3 hours of interactive material using screencasts and exercises for you to use – Lots of material and tools and tips on how to start owning your current circumstances, taking responsibility for your life and living a happier life by deciding to adapt to a new story, – My own story of where I have been and how I used my Push Factor to re-design my own life – Understanding how your upbringing and personality traits have created the self image and belief system you now possess, and how it may be hindering you from future success. – Use your push factor to take action on certain goals you have held back on, like lose weight, writing your first book, forgiving and letting go, work through an addiction, etc.