Are you the only Chef in the kitchen? Is your infrastructure suffering from snowflake servers? Are you sick and tired of provisioning machines by hand every time you need to put out a fire? Configuring infrastructure shouldnt be painful, it should be a joy.Chef Fundamentals has been reviewed and approved by the Chef Training team. The Chef team is excited about the partnership with Udemyand looks forward to the development of additional Chef courses.Chef is aplatform for the DevOps workflow, andis usedto automateand manage it all–infrastructure, run-time environments andapplications. Themost enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast,efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.JoinRobin Beck as he automates everything in the only Chef-Certified class on Udemy.Learn to combine resources into recipes, recipes into cookbooks, and transform your infrastructure into code. With Chef well learn to use the power of the Ruby language to eloquently describe the state of a system, whether youre new to automation or have been administeringsystems since 1992. Well learn how to locally configure a server with the Chef Development Kit, then use the power of a Chef Server to distribute your cookbook to one, or a hundred systems.This fundamentals class will cover the basics of infrastructure as code. Start by learning about Chef architecture and the tools included in the ChefDK (Chef Development Kit). Then learn how to use a Chef Server to distribute your cookbooks to multiple servers as you push your application to production.