Chess openings: The italian game 2


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The Italian game is one of the oldest openings. This opening was already investigated in the sixteenth century by Italian players. It is also called Giuoco piano, which in italianmeans “quiet game”, because it usually produces a slow game of maneuvers. However, if one of the two players does not play correctly it can lead to attack positions that end in a quick mate.The Italian game is an opening of the so-called open gamesand is characterized by its logic and soundness. From the first movements the two players seek to control the center and place the pieces in attackingpositions against the enemy king. It is a very rich opening in tactical and strategic ideas.In this second part of the course we willcontinue studying the fundamental ideas of the Italian opening, traps, tactical tricks, plans and typical maneuvers. Not only will you learn openings, but you will also learn strategy, improve your tactical vision,and develop your technique in general, since you will become familiar with the typical schemes and plans of the middlegames that arise from this opening.A very complete course with numerous practical exercises and illustrative fully commented mastergames so you can get to master this opening full of possibilities.If you really want to improve your chess, this is your course