Chris Bryant’s CCNA Practice Exam Pack #1 (ICND1 Topics)



Get ready to master the details necessary to pass the CCNA200-125 and CCENT 100-105 exams with my info-packed CCNAPractice Exam, available only here on Udemy! I’m Chris Bryant, the creator of the best-selling CCNA2018Video Boot Camp, and I’ve written 240practice exam questions for you that will definitely test your knowledge. Best of all, the answers to each question are fully explained — and if you have any questions about the answers or the topics, there’s a forum all set up where you can ask those questions and I’ll be happy to clarify any answer for you!You can also tweet me directly with any questions @ccie12933 or via email at I’ll respond to you personally.Topics covered include…TCP vs. UDPEthernet operationHexadecimal conversionsCisco switch operations, such as building the MAC address table and frame filtering situationsHub &Bridge operationsVLANs and VTPIPand MACaddress changes as packets flow through a networkTelnet, SSH, ARP, and DNS operationsIPVersion 6Access ListsAddress RangesPLENTYof subnetting…. and more!You get 240 practice exam questions, presented in much the same format you’ll see on exam day.This is an outstanding opportunity to polish your knowledge and your skills before taking the exam, and this opportunity comes to you at a price you can’t beat. Dive right in, and I’ll see you inside!Chris Bryant”The Computer Certification Bulldog”CCIE#12933