Christian Weight Loss: Weight Loss Strategies for Believers



Stress in our lives has created a global explosion of obesity and serious health risks. Every new nutritional supplement or slickly packaged mind-body system preys on the hope and despair of thousands of us who have lived through the repeated failures of stress reduction and weight loss programs. We are constantly bombarded by a social media which insists that WE are the God of our own universe and can change our health and bodies by the sheer power of our mind. Christian Believers reject that idea because we have a radically different worldview. Yet we still struggle with our emotional stress and weight problems, with equally painful defeats. Enroll in this course to learn cutting-edge health science research results and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices, coupled with a clear Scriptural connection to God's Plan for our Peace and Safety. You CAN learn how to stop the BIOLOGICAL SABOTAGE of chronic stress, live a healthier life, and strengthen your relationship with our Savior.