This course will teach you how to create amazing Cinemagraphs and make money from them.While there are plenty of courses that focus on limited Photoshop techniques, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginner to advanced operators. We will use Adobe After Effects in order to achieve a more a sophisticated type of Cinemagraph and make you stand out from the crowd.Just a few of the things you’ll learn:Understand the correct settings to use on Camera to capture stunning CinemagraphsPrevisualise a scene to capture a perfect loopA detailed understanding of how to use Adobe After Effects to create CinemagraphsLean the visual language of Cinemagraphs, includingthe four methods ofcreatinga seamless loopLearn How to generate income from CinemagraphsOverviewCinemagraphs are a unique new genre that are here to stay. We now use screens as our primary viewing medium and this new visual landscape has its own requirements and language. Cinemagraphs fulfil a importantneed:they can be used in the way still images were used in the past, amongst text and other graphic elements, and yet dont force you to leave the experience like video does. Book covers, movie posters, point-of-sale, social media such as Instagram or Facebook,are some of the areas where they starting to replace still images. Cinemagraphs are the fastest growing visual genre today.Master Techniques to Create Extraordinary Cinemagraphs and Boost Your Income.We will learn how to use your camera to capture Cinemagraphs and previsualise what is required.We will use After Effects to explore many Cinemagraph techniques, with easy to understand, step-by-step tutorials. This will provide you with amazing tools that will elevate your Cinemagraphs in a way that is impossible with just using Photoshop: very important in the competitive world of image making. We will then learn how to export your Cinemagraphs in the best format for sales and publication. Beginners arewelcome!We we explore how to make money from Cinemagraphs, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional.By the end of this master course, your confidence as a Cinemagraph producer will skyrocket. You will have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create professional level Cinemagraphs that a beyond the competition.