This course is all about the Cisco WAAS(Wide Area Application Services)The course is designed in a such a way that after taking this you will be able to understand its need in the Network , its multiple way of deployments and its architecture.Most important thing i have taken care while designing of this course is , i have not cut short with basic technical details , which mostly been under-looked and you can still configure and implement without messing up with those information , but that is not my way of learning or teaching , you have to be good with basics of any technology .While i was struggling with my previous organisation's WAAS deployment , i have searched a lot in internet but i wouldn't able to find a single blog or videos on this , which can explain this end to end , every time i ends up with bits and pieces of information , so this course really provide you a very systematic way of learning this technology end to end.Today every network is running over the WAN , So you should be using or should use a WAN optimization and this course is all about that….