CISSP certification practice questions: Domain 5 & 6 – 2020



Start your CISSP certification journey today with help from Thor Pedersen, the “Best Selling” and “Highest Rated” CISSP instructor on Udemy.The CISSP certification is the gold standard for IT Security certifications, with over 80,000 open CISSP jobs in the US.In this course you get 132 CISSP practice questions for Domain 5 and 108 CISSP practice questions for Domain 6.What our other students are saying about our “CISSP certification practice questions: Domain 1 & 2” Course:It is really a pleasure to have found an online CISSP 2018 material so good. Thank you Thor! (Carlo, 5-stars)The courses have been informative and the tests do a good job of testing what was learned and teaching how to approach questions on the exam, both from the way the questions are structured to the stamina needed to finish the exam. I am enjoying the courses. (Patrick, 5-stars)Very well written questions! (Ravi, 5-stars)At the end of each test you can see your total percentage score for that domain, as well as get an explanation for each question, explaining why the right answer is the right answer.You can review each question and sort them by CISSP knowledge area, correct answers, wrong answers, skipped questions and questions marked for review.CISSP DOMAIN 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM) (13% of the weighted questions – 132 questions)Controlling Access and Managing IdentityPhysical and logical assets controlIdentification and authentication of people and devicesIdentity as a service (e.g. cloud identity)Third-party identity services (e.g. on-premise)Access control attacksIdentity and access provisioning lifecycle (e.g. provisioning review)CISSP DOMAIN 6: Security Assessment and Testing (12% of the weighted questions – 108 questions)Designing, Performing, and Analyzing Security TestingAssessment and test strategiesSecurity process data (e.g. management and operational controls)Security control testingTest outputs (e.g. automated, manual)Security architectures vulnerabilitiesDo multiple CISSP certification practice tests like this one, do the full 3 hours and 125 questions to see how you handle it, this is as much mental stamina and reading the questions right, and answering from an IT Security managers point of view, as it is the actual knowledge.Many students do 3,000 – 5,000 CISSP certification practice questions, when I did my CISSP certification I was around the 3,500 mark.You can take this CISSP certification practice test as many times as you want, the questions and the answer order is randomized.  I would suggest 80%+ of right answers consistently on all CISSP domains using multiple practice tests before booking the exam.Prepare for the 2018 version of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification Exam, which is what you will be tested on until the next CISSP curriculum update in 2021.You’ll Also Get: Lifetime Access to the course and all course updates. Fast and friendly support in the Q&A section. 30-days no questions asked, money back guarantee. Click the “Buy Now” or “Add to cart” button to start your CISSP journey today!