Clean and Grow Rich



12 reasons why you want to start your own office cleaning business now-1. Being your own boss- freedom to make your own decisions and chart your own path2. Tax breaks- owning your own business creates huge write offs3. Live your dream- doing what you choose to do is what it's all about4. Profitability- as tour business grows, so will your bank account. You have unlimited income potential5. Pride of ownership- when your signature is on it, you have a vested interest in maintaining a high standard6. Create your own schedule- you won't get written up for being late and you can choose to work part time or full time. 7. Ultimate freedom control- more time to do what you want to do8. Recession Proof- office cleaning is not only lucrative, it is steadily growing and it is here to stay9. You can work from your home- you don't have to lease expensive office space10. Low operating expenses- many supplies can be bought in bulk or as needed11. It takes little or no experience- no education or technical skills needed12. It takes very little money to start- you can start on a shoestring budget