Clean Up Your Voice In Adobe Audition And Premiere



It is often said that audiences can forgive less-than-perfect video, but if thesound is badand the dialogue unintelligible, they will turn away in droves. Thankfully Adobe has a number of tools that allow us to edit, mix and enhance our voice productions, so we can fix the flaws in our narration, voice over, and singing. This course starts involves two Adobe Programs- the video editing suite Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the audio editing suite Adobe Audition. Topics covered include:noise reductioncompressionde-essingblending takesgood recording practicessetting markers in audio to match videovocal enhancements to create a more powerful and immediate sound…and other audio mixing/ enhancing techniques to get theclear up our voice recordings. Check out the trailer and free lectures to learn more, and see you in class!