Cleaning Up Voice Overs



There are many, many applications to this course. Whether you’re a Voice Over Artist, Video Editor, YouTuber or any one that comes in contact with an audio clip of someone speaking, chances are that voice clip you hear could be vastly improved with some painless tweaks.Using Adobe Audition, we’ll be going through common problems you’ll find in voice overs:Low RumblesBackground NoisePlosives(Air hitting the microphone on letters that shoot out quick breath, such as thepuhsound in P)Inconsistent VolumeQuiet Voice OversUnnatural BreathingMouth Sounds that are difficult to removeThis course is extremely beginner friendly and fairly inexpensive in terms of the cost of software. You can find Adobe Audition for only $19.99/month with their subscription program.While learning about audio editing for voice over, I’ll be giving you small projects to test out what you’ve learned and a big messy clip to fix up as your final project.Hope to see you there!