Coding for beginners: Thinking like a programmer



Programming is not only the skill of the future but actually the skill of the present. Thanks to this course you will learn not how to unthinkingly type the code, but, most importantly, how to think like a real programmer. Regardless of whether you want to create websites, games, desktop or mobile applications, this intense course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge which is essential for you to start your adventure with programming.Unlike other courses, we provide our students with a variety of learning techniques which will let you acquire expertise better and faster. Each section is focused on a particular piece of knowledge in order to make it easy for you to follow. With 25lectures,70 exercises and over 10 hours of practice the course will smoothly introduce you to the world of programming.As you go through this course you will be developing your very own programming project.We make sure that the skills you gain are applicable in every domain of coding. Let your career rocket up and start your own adventure with us!