Cold Calling is a powerful way to generate sales and leads. However, picking up the phone to sell to a stranger can be scary, intimidating and daunting. But by using this Cold Calling Mastery course, you can conquer any fear and start seeing staggering conversions. Being great at Cold Calling isn’t just luck or natural talent – you can learn a structure to say the right things things, build a genuine relationship, and get better results. There are plenty of techniques, phrases and tools to help you. So, if you want to be someone who is a natural on the phone, and brings in tons of leads, meetings and sales, then this course is perfect for you.Welcome to Cold Calling Mastery! In this course Ill provide practical tips and tricks to for making Cold Calls, so that you can immediately apply it to your work and get fantastic results. You may be doing full-time sales, lead generation or prospecting or you might have a job which involves a lot of phone time. For example if you work in PR, recruitment or journalism you could also benefit from trying these techniques! Everything is tailored to be practical, easy and fun, so youll be ready to get started right away testing out your new skills.In this course you’ll learn practical techniques from action-focused videos. We cover how to identify what is truly important to your lead, detailed tips for how to build a personal relationship, staying motivated and tracking your targets, how to structure a call, overcoming rejection or objections, and even how to get the most out of technology! After this course you will be calm, efficient, goal-focused, and above all effective. No more fear of picking up the phone, or wondering why leads arent buying. In fact – you could even be ready for a promotion or new areas of skill growth!Hello, my name’s Miles and I’m a sales professional and prospecting coach from England. I’ve been working as a sales professional for the majority of my career and in that time have prospected for software developers, PR firms, technology companies, cybersecurity vendors, estate agencies and more. I’ve also worked for small developing businesses and start-ups right through to large FTSE 100 companies and have had customers in almost every sector imaginable. I guarantee this course will keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life-changing skills for your work.In this course, you will learn to:Increase your Cold Calling conversions without any extra leadsBe flooded with ideas on how to do better callsIdentify your most profitable leads, and which aren’t worth chasingOvercome fear of making calls or getting rejectedHear my top tips from years of experience – relevant to any industryGet vital information from the customer such as their budget and their current supplierStay motivated on slow/tough daysLearn how to build a rapport and personal relationship over the phoneUnderstand your personal stats and performance so you know youre improvingAnd lots lots more!By mastering Cold Calling skills, not only will you pave the way for a future promotion, you’ll find your day to day work more enjoyable and productive! Its time to start looking forward to picking up the phone and getting the satisfactions of heading a yes.