Google’s Go Programming Language is one of the fastest growing, highest paying programming languages in the world.There is a reason for Go’s popularity: Go was created by geniuses and is the next step in the evolution of programming languages. Knowing how to use Go well will increase your power, and productivity, as a programmer.This course will give you the skills you need to advance your Go Programming Language skills. This course is very practical and applicable. It focuses on teaching you skills you can use.In addition, this course will build your skills with collaboration, crawling, Go modules, git, github, and gRPC. Presented with high-quality video lectures, this course will visually show you many great things about Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language and collaboration. Taught by a tenured professor in California, this is just some of what you will learn in this course:Learn to succeed as a studentMaster intermediate skills using gitEstablish ssh encryption for github authenticationLearn how to add collaborators to your github reposUnderstand the differences between cloning and forking repos Acquire the ability to handle merge conflictsGain the skills to work well with git branchesMaster creating, merging, and deleting branchesLearn to create pull requests, and merge pull requestsAcquire a thorough understanding of dependency managementGain a comprehensive understanding of Go modulesUnderstand the semantic versioning of softwareAcquire precise control over project dependenciesLearn to upgrade from other dependency management softwareMaster the essentials of crawling websites with GoUnderstand the importance of robots.txtLearn to crawl sites with infinite scrollGain insight into running analysis on crawl resultsAcquire an understanding of the essentials of gRPCLearn to setup a gRPC server and clientGain the ability to build a gRPC chat serverThis is an amazing course! This course will change your life. Being skilled at using the Go Programming Language will serve you and your career well. This course will increase your proficiency, productivity, and power as a programmer. You are going to love this course and it will forever change your life.Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this course.Join me and enroll now.–The art used in the course image was designed by Renee French.license: Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license