I found the course to be illuminating about colors and their influence on people.  Since I did not know much about Chakras, this was good basic information on Chakras for me.” John Cotton********************************”This is a masterpiece of how to balance your life in colors and chakras. It is packed full of useful information for everyday life and how it all connects to your spiritual evolution as well. Cha~zay really shows her deep knowledge of metaphysics in a way anyone can understand and use.” Guy Girard********************************Do you want to achieve more success in life and business?Why are companies spending millions to brand their logos and choose specific colors for their websites?Feeling a bit blue or things are not going the way you want them to?Not sure why you can’t quite attract a loving partner?The psychology of color is a fascinating one – especially given that it takes so little to make such a huge shift in our life; simply by making little tweaks here and there. If you want more success in your career, business or your personal or romantic life, then this course is for you!********************************If you’ve been sick for a while and you want to help your body shift into a frequency of self-healing, then this course is for you!There is a reason rainbows have 7 colors. There is a reason every body has 7 chakras (and more). We’ll cover the 7 chakra colors in this course as well.We’ll even talk about make-up, hair and skin color and how impactful a remodel or an accent wall or carpet can be.This course will help you think differently about colors, those you wear, those you surround yourself with and those you choose for your day-to-day business (websites, brochures, business cards, logo, and more).This course will undoubtedly elevate you to higher plateau in the field of personal development and spirituality while giving you a huge advantage in business. Know exactly why you are dressing the way you do. Know what colors to wear (and not wear) when you have an important interview, speech or presentation coming up (or even a date). In fact, I will even show you how businesses get a 20-60% conversion boost by making the tiniest little change to their website buttons. And how you can do the same.Dress for success! Design for success! Feel confident and empowered and in control!********************************”This class effectively explains the significance of the colours around us and with many practical tips how we can use colours to help balance our bodies/lives including food, clothes, make-up, home decor. I also appreciate that the instructor includes lots of pictures of colours in this class. This course enriched my knowledge and corrected some of my false impression toward colours… I recommend this interesting course to anyone.” Y.J.********************************”I got this course because I am interested in colors and because we will move into a new home soon. Now I feel more confident in choosing the right colors for the different rooms. I loved everything about the chakras. I thought I knew everything already, but I did learn new things. It also made me overthink my wardrobe. Very exciting.” Caroline Long********************************Keywords:#color psychology marketing, #color psychology blue, #color psychology red, #color psychology chart, #color psychology course, #colour psychology, #colour psychology course, #color psychology make-over, #chakra, #color psychology red, #color psychology brown, #color psychology gold, #color psychology silver, #color psychology white, #color psychology black, #color psychology grey, #psychology of color in advertising, #room color psychology, #color psychology yellow, ##color psychology orange, #psychology of colors in business, #color psychology purple, #chakras, #course about chakras, #chakras and colors, #make-over and colors,